Dojo aims to keep your network devices from spying on you

A new device has turned up called Dojo that is designed to help keep your connected home secure. The device is designed to monitor the behavior of each device that is connected to your home network and help ensure your privacy. For instance, Dojo is able to tell if your TV is still recording your voice even when it is off and when it is uploading data to the cloud.

Dojo is also designed to prevent attacks and detect intrusions using machine learning and behavior tracking. When the user connects it to the home network, it begins monitoring each device and their activity. If something in the behavior and activity of the devices changes, it will alert the owner.

Dojo hardware includes a pebble looking device and a docking station. The Pebble can be moved around the house and the dock hidden away with your router hardware. When there is activity on the home network, light rings around the Dojo pebble glow.

The Pebble sends notifications to your smartphone via an app to give the user the chance to approve or block activity on their home network. Dojo also has a cyber security engine that detects cyber threats and abnormal behavior across the network. Dojo is up for pre-order on Amazon for $99 with a 12-month service plan and will ship in early 2016. After pre-orders end, the device will sell for $199 with the year service plan.