Dog treat salmonella warning issued for multiple states

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued another salmonella warning, but this one doesn't involve hedgehogs or eggs. According to the agency, dried pig ears sold as dog treats are the likely source of a salmonella outbreak that has left 45 people infected, a dozen of whom were hospitalized as a result. Contact with the treats and the dogs that consumed them may result in infection.

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The CDC issued its warning on July 3, reporting that of the 38 individuals it interviewed, 34 reported having had contact with a dog before their symptoms started. Of 24 people, the CDC found that 17 either had contact with pig ear dog treats or with dogs who had been fed these treats.

As a result, the CDC is linking the current outbreak with these treats and warning the public to exercise caution when interacting with pets and dried pig ears. Tests performed by officials in Michigan on these treats found that some tested positive for salmonella, though not the particular strain behind this outbreak.

At this point in time, officials have not been able to identify the pig ear supplier behind the contaminated batch of treats. The CDC is telling the public to exercise common sense and precautions around their dogs and treats, including washing hands with soap and water after handling any food and treats, storing these items away from human food, and using a clean item to scoop food.

As well, the public is advised to keep dogs from licking their mouth or face after it eats, licking open wounds and broken skin, and to wash up after petting a dog that has recently eaten. These steps are particularly important for kids and individuals who have compromised health.