Dog food recalled yet again over aflatoxin risk: The new details

Sunshine Mills has announced another dog food recall over potential contamination with aflatoxin, a naturally occurring toxin that results from the growth of a mold called Aspergillus flavus. According to the latest recall notice, the levels of aflatoxin in these products may exceed the acceptable limits, potentially putting dogs at risk if too much of the toxin is consumed.READ: FDA says dog food recall expands to multiple countries over toxin risk

At the time the recall notice was published, Sunshine Mills said it hadn't received any reports of illnesses linked with the recalled products.

Multiple brands are included in this recall, including Triumph Wild Spirit, Evolve Classic Super Premium Food for Dogs, Wild Harvest Premium Dog Food, Nurture Farms Natural Dog Food, Heart to Tail Pure Being Natural Dog Food, and Elm Pet Foods Naturals.

Only specific recipes sold under these brands are covered, including ones like Chicken & Rice, Deboned Chicken & Brown Rice, and similar. Dog owners who believe they may have purchased one of these Sunshine Mills products should check out the recall notice for full recalled product identification details.

According to the company, these recalled products were shipped nationwide across the US. Retailers who received the products have already been contacted and asked to pull the dog food from shelves. Only the items listed in the recall notice are impacted by the recall, Sunshine Mills notes.