FDA says dog food recall expands to multiple countries over toxin risk

The FDA is highlighting a previously announced dog food recall, noting that it has been expanded to encompass additional products, including ones sold in the United States, Japan, and Colombia. The reason is a naturally-occurring toxin that may be found in excessively high levels in the recalled pet food, putting dogs who eat it at risk. The expansion was a voluntary precautionary measure, according to the company behind the products.

The dog food recall comes from Sunshine Mills, Inc., which initially recalled select dog food products in early September due to the potential presence of aflatoxin, the by-product of a naturally-occurring mold that may grow on a variety of crops, as well as pet foods. Though exposure to minuscule amounts of this toxin may not cause health issues, excessively high levels may lead to serious health outcomes.

The expanded recall covers a number of dog food brands, including Field Trial, Good Dog, Champ, Hunter's Special, Old Glory, Paws Happy Life, Pet Expert, Retriever, River Bend, Sportsman's Pride, Sprout, Thrifty, Top Runner, and Whiskers & Tails Adult Recipe. The full list of recalled dog food products, including relevant identification details, can be found on the FDA's website here (for the original recall) and here (for the expansion). UPDATED with additional link.

According to the company's recall notice, these recalled dog food products were distributed to stores in the US. Likewise, the Principle Super Premium Natural Dog Food product was exported to a distributor in Japan, while the Sportsman's Pride Maintenance Adult Formula Dog Food was also exported to both Colombia and Japan. Companies that received the recalled food lots have been alerted to the recall.

A dog that consumes food that contains high levels of aflatoxin may develop related toxicity that causes symptoms ranging from diarrhea and vomiting, a yellow tint to the eyes and gums, refusal to eat, lethargy, and in extreme cases, it may lead to death. Sunshine Mills notes in its recall that this expansion is a 'precautionary measure.'