Dog-e-Minder reminds you to walk the dog

Today must be the official pet gadget day. This gadget is actually quite useful if your pet has some special medication they take or if you are forgetful. The device is called the Dog-e-Minder and is a little electronic dog tag that clips to the pets collar.

The device has a LCD screen and three buttons. The three buttons are a fire hydrant meaning walk the dog, a bone meaning feed the dog, and a RX for giving the dog meds. When one of the tasks is completed, the owner holds the correct button down for three seconds and the Dog-e-Minder records the date and time the task was completed.

The maker of the gadget says that it is waterproof and shock proof. That should mean if your dog likes water you won't have to worry. The tag can also show the pets name and your phone number in case the dog gets lost. Four colors are available and the Dog-e-Minder sells for $19.95 and if you buy online you get a second Dog-e-Minder free.