Document details Apple's concern over growing Android competition

In the newest trial involving Apple and Samsung, documents have been introduced noting Apple's concern about dimming market share and sales with regard to the iPhone. The concern generated from Apple's sales team, where they noted improved competitor ecosystems as reason to be wary. Also of concern was Apple's lack of a mid-range device.

The documents have been introduced in Samsung's cross examination of Apple executive Phil Shiller, who rebutted saying he niether agrees with much of the document, and that it doesn't represent Apple's policy. The document mentioned that competitors (none were named, specifically) had "drastically improved their hardware and in some cases their ecosystems". The document was said to be part of a fiscal 2014 off-site meeting.

The document also references competitors spending "obscene" amounts on marketing, and that Apple suffered from carrier disinterest based on the high subsidy they had to pay for iPhones. Some inside Apple may have felt the market was getting away from them, as the document in question referenced large screen devices above the $300 price point — as well as any smartphone below the $300 price point — as stealing sales away from the iPhone. Neither of those segments is occupied by Apple.

Though it doesn't appear as if Samsung was noted specifically, it's clear they are the focus of whatever was in the document. Large screen devices, mid-range offerings, and an improved ecosystem all point to Android and Samsung. The trial is ongoing, with Schiller having been on the stand all week. It's expected to wrap-up toward the end of April.

Source: Re/Code