Doctor Who sonic screwdriver toothbrush prevents time traveling gingivitis

I know a lot of people who really like Doctor Who. I've tried watching the show on more than a few occasions. I just can't do it. The show is too cheesy for me. I know that is sort of the point of the franchise. If you're a huge fan of Doctor Who, we have the perfect toothbrush for you.

This is an officially licensed Doctor Who sonic screwdriver toothbrush. I know the design of the sonic screwdriver tends to change as often as the title character of the series. Someone with more Who knowledge than me will have to let us know which doc the sonic screwdriver design would go with.

The toothbrush sells for about $20 and is electric getting power from a single AA battery. It doesn't appear that it has any of the spinning and swirling motions some of the fancy electric toothbrushes from other manufacturers offer. It appears to be an old school electric toothbrush that simply vibrates.

You can purchase the toothbrush over at Firebox, and it comes with an extra head. Once you wear out both heads, you'll need to purchase a brand-new one since the odds of finding a head that fits in your local store are slim. The handle measures 3 cm wide by 3 cm deep by 14.5 cm high and adds an additional 1 cm wide by 1 cm deep by 6 cm tall.

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