Doctor Who old series episodes streaming on Twitch

This week the folks at Twitch responsible for non-gaming content announced they're bringing Doctor Who into the mix. They'll be pushing over 500 original Doctor Who episodes to the streaming video platform, all from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. That's the beginning of the show in 1963 through the 1980s, all broadcast on Twitch over a seven-week period.

For those of you who've never heard of Doctor Who before: It's a television show. It comes from the UK, where it's on television. Cable television – can you believe it? The same Doctor Who has been running since the beginning of time. Or nearly. It began in 1963, and there's scarcely been a time since then when episodes have not been airing regularly.

Doctor Who is the story of a humanoid called a Time Lord with the title "The Doctor." This man-like being came from the planet Galifrey, and his mission takes place on our Earth. The Doctor travels about time in a space ship called the TARDIS. This is the ship you may've seen on any number of T-shirts and other swag: it looks like a blue British police box.

Above you'll see an embedded player from the TwitchPresents channel on Twitch. It is through this Twitch embed that you'll see the whole 7-week run.


The daily stream will begin on May 29th, 2018. At that time, fans will be able to tune in at 11AM PDT to see one episode of the series.* One episode will be shown per day, Monday through Friday. It'll all take place on Twitch (in the TwitchPresents channel).

*UPDATE: I was mistaken! It's not one single episode each day, it's EIGHT HOURS OF DOCTOR WHO each day. Between each 8 hour block, the same 8 hour block will be replayed. So you do not have to catch it all at once, and you DO have a period of time when you'll be allowed to sleep!