DoCoMo F801i is the rape whistle of the digital age

James Allan Brady - Dec 10, 2007

So, there has been an increasing problem with kids being snatched on their way to and/or from school in Japan. So, what does DoCoMo think the solution is?

Well they think the solution is to make a phone that can be wirelessly tethered to a bracelet and fill the phone full of security features and market it to kids to make more money. No, lets not make the police do their job, or the parents do theirs, lets just profit more from a phone.

Regardless, the bracelet is wirelessly connected to the phone, if the phone gets too far away, the phone sends a message or calls the parent. Also, if the kid sets it off, the phone can make a defining alarm to help call for help, and if the kid can manage to hold onto the phone, it has tracking built in that can be accessed from the web. Well, I guess it’s a good thing criminals can’t read and won’t remove both the phone and bracelet before taking off, way to go DoCoMo, nice try on saving the kids.

F801i, a new mobile phone for kids! [via akihabranews]

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