Do Not Track list for blocking certain cookies

C is for Cookie that's good enough for me! Alright, so here is what is going on, there are 9 separate consumer and privacy groups that have asked the FTC (Federal Trade Commision) to make a "do not track" list of servers that give off cookies that they can block.

I have two issues with this, first off, you can already do this on your own, I know you can in FireFox, I just checked, you uncheck the box that says "accept cookies" and then you add exception for the sites like your bank and stuff where you need cookies, whammo, done. Second is, cookies are a necessary evil, they allow sites to target what adds you see, which causes you to click on those adds occasionally, which in the long run makes a lot of people various amounts of money.

Why does that matter? Imagine going through the internet and all the services you enjoy getting for free, not being free anymore, in fact they'd likely cost quite a bit, YouTube would cost, MySpace, FaceBook, Flickr, Photobucket, Google's extra services including GMail, the list goes on, but I assume you are beginning to get the hint.

Cookies, rather harmlessly, makes the necessary people money which allows them to offer certain services and sites for free. Sure, most of the money comes from ads, but if they aren't being targeted, some guy who constantly searches for camping equipment is going to be bombarded by ads about stuff other than camping gear, and he'll never click.

If you are worried about certain cookies, the kind that you should be worried about, there are already plug-ins available that block those, go get one and call it even. Otherwise, please consider the financial downside of what you are asking for.

Privacy groups seek "do not track" Web list [via Yahoo News]