DNA tagging bullets mark criminal suspects for arrest

Craig Lloyd - Jan 24, 2013
DNA tagging bullets mark criminal suspects for arrest

Let’s say a criminal suspect is on the run, and as a police officer, you begin to chase them down. You then realize you can’t keep up with them, so you pull out a specially-made gun and fire a DNA tagging bullet at them. They’re non-lethal, but the pellets leave a mark on the suspect that lasts for weeks, and it can help authorities identify suspects the easy way.

British security company Selectamark has launched a new system, called the SelectaDNA High Velocity System, that will help police and military personnel easily identify possible criminal suspects. A DNA pellet weigh just one gram, and can be fired from up to 130 feet away. When the pellets hit a target, they leave an enduring biological mark on the subject that lasts for weeks.

It may sound like the pellet marks the suspect’s DNA, but that’s actually not the case. Instead, the pellet simply has a DNA nature to it that allows each pellet to leave a unique mark on suspects, different than that of traditional color markers that are used currently. The system is being launched today, but no word on when authorities will start utilizing them.

Selectamark says that these guns and pellets are great for out-of-control situations with large crowds where police officers would be endangering their own lives if they went in for arrests. Instead, officers can pull out their DNA guns and tag various suspects from a safe distance and arrest them later.

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