dmedia G5W PND with WiMAX

Have internet-enabled personal navigation devices – like the Dash Express – failed to see significant adoption because their connection isn't fast enough?  That seems far-fetched, but something has convinced dmedia to slap WiMAX into their latest PND, the G5W. 

As well as a 5-inch wide-aspect touchscreen, FM transmitter and Bluetooth – oh, and GPS of course – the G5W has GPRS, EDGE and WiMAX connectivity.  It's not entirely clear what you can do with the WiMAX, aside from real-time traffic updates.  We'd assume there's some sort of browser on there, pushing the G5W into pseudo-MID territory.

The dmedia G5W is conspicuous by its absence on dmedia's site, though there's a 5-inch widescreen G5 PND listed.  We've no idea whether this is a CES prototype, a shipping product (if so, we don't know where) or just a concept, nor whether it will ever be available in the US for either Sprint or Clear's WiMAX networks.

[via NaviGadget]