DMB-T TV tuner for the PSP gets reviewed

So the PSP can play games, play all sorts of media, be hacked to play emulators, and can do GPS. Now, thanks to those geniuses that Sony seems to be raising from birth, it can also play wireless television signals on its screen.

All it takes is a nifty little adapter that connects to the top of the PSP that has a telescopic antenna for the best reception. The picture quality is reported to be great, most of that was attributed to the handset's amazing screen.

AkihabraNews were the lucky ones to get their hands on one of these (and to be living somewhere that has wireless TV). I am still kind of wondering if there is any programming info that comes through that thing or if you just kind of have to know what channels play what, guess I will never know since for some dumb reason the US still has yet to upgrade to the new wireless TV and radio standards our Eurasian friends get to enjoy.

Sony PSP Digital TV Adapter Hands-on Photos [via i4u]