DLO workout case - Sweat to the oldies with this ipod case

Do you yet need another case for your iPod and find so few to choose from? I seriously doubt that, but for some strange reason everyone is determined to put a ton of accessories out there for all the different iPods.

Now they have the DLO workout case for the iPod Shuffle. It basically is just a thicker case with an armband attached. Which is great, because the shuffle obviously doesn't come equipped with a clip on the back. I'm seriously thinking of starting my gym membership up again, because you know some sweaty old guy is going to really get those arms flapping away and pull those dinky little headphones out of his ears. Which doesn't hurt at all, it's just really obnoxious; of course that means it's really funny for me to watch.

Now keep in mind these are one size fits all, but supposedly they do actually mean that. If you would like to invest in one it is only $19.99.

DLO workout case for the iPod Shuffle [via crave]