DJI Osmo Bundle Kit Gallery

This DJI Osmo bundle kit offered by Drone World is really all you need to capture shake free videos with resolution up to 4k. The kit includes the DJI Osmo handle, 1/2.3" CMOS sensor camera with an integrated 3-axis gimbal for easy to use, one-handed controls.

Also included in the package is a Rode microphone, a custom cold shoe microphone mount, 32gb class 10 633x MicroSD Memory Card, 3.0 USB reader, an extra battery for the Osmo, CP, 3&4 Stop ND's Polar Pro 3 lens filter and cleaning cloth. The DJI Osmo alone retails for $649 so $899 for the entire package is a great deal.

Disclosure: Drone World sent SlashGear the the DJI Osmo Bundle Kit to review.