DJI Mini 2 sold, unboxed, and leaked ahead of official debut

It wasn't too long ago that DJI launched its latest Mavic Air 2 drone but that isn't the only flying robot the famed company has planned for this year. There have been rumors of a successor to last year's mini drone and now we might just be weeks away from officially hearing about it. Thankfully, some stores don't seem to be aware of that yet and have sold off what will be announced as the DJI Mini 2, giving fans a preview of what to expect when the products do officially become available.

Best Buy has, amusingly enough, been one of the biggest sources of leaks, and not just with drones. Employees are sometimes blissfully unaware of embargoes for certain products, especially if they have confusing names or name changes. Fortunately for DJI drone fans, one such store actually sold a DJI Mini 2.

Yes, DJI has apparently dropped the "Mavic" branding, despite using it for the Mavic Air 2 back in May. It seems that DJI is aiming for shorter product names across the board but, fortunately, that isn't the only thing that has changed for this upcoming drown. While it still retains its smaller and lightweight body, it is definitely getting some significant upgrades.

Perhaps most notable is how DJI has switched to the latest version of its controller, enabling OcuSync 2.0 and addressing one of the biggest pain points with the first Mavic Mini. Flying time has been increased by a minute up to 31 minutes and the drone is now capable of shooting in 4K.

The DJI Mini 2 seems to be a true upgrade in some regards but strangely stays the same in others. Despite the new 4K capability, the drone reportedly has the exact same camera as its predecessor. No date for the mini drone's announcement has been revealed yet but if Best Buy already has it on shelves, mistakenly or not, it probably shouldn't be that far away.