DJI and Measure team up to tackle commercial drone space

Drones are becoming more commonplace in everyday life, but aside from private and military application of drones, commercial enterprises are also increasing their use of the technology. Recognizing that this is the perfect opportunity to corner a growing market, drone maker DJI and Measure, which is pegged as the nation's leading operator of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have announced a new partnership, with their sights set directly on the commercial drone space.

The goal is to offer their commercial clients with an all-in-one solution to drone deployment, with DJI supplying the drones themselves and Measure taking care of the operational side of things. "We are looking forward to expanding our successful relationship with Measure, allowing more businesses to perform critical functions faster, safer, more efficiently and at a lower cost," said Jan Gasparic of DJI's Strategic Partnership and Business Development division in a joint press release.

The two companies say that they'll be primarily focused on the agriculture, energy, and media fields with this partnership. This would allow agriculture companies to use their drones to do things like spray fields or observe their crops from a bird's eye view, or give news organizations the ability to livestream aerial footage of a developing story directly to their newsrooms. It also stands to reason that it will result in lower costs for the companies that look to take advantage of this partnership – we would imagine that the cost of a package deal featuring both DJI and Measure would be less than the cost of recruiting both separately.

All in all, it sounds like a particularly fruitful partnership for the two, and with the usage of drones seemingly growing by the day, they may be cornering a market just in time to see demand take off. This partnership could also help spur growth of the commercial drone industry, rather than waiting for it to grow on its own organically. After all, utilizing UAVs might become more tempting for some companies if they know that these two will be at the helm of its implementation.