Dizzy to hit iOS and Android December 9

Our resident Brit, Chris Davies, showed me this video and was all excited about Dizzy coming back. The last time I saw him that excited was when his mum made black pudding, so I figured Dizzy must be something special. Dizzy was an 8-bit game character that somehow I have never heard of. I played a lot of games back in the 8-bit days, but this isn't one of them. Are you familiar with Dizzy? I'm not sure if I missed it somehow or if this was a European icon only.

At any rate, if you know Dizzy or just want a cool new game app to place on December 9 Dizzy will be landing on mobile apps for iOS and Android gamers. He's not 8-bit any more with some side scrolling action that looks to have decent modern graphics. The game is called Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk. Dizzy was in his first game back in 1991.

You can see the short teaser video below. It's not clear if dizzy will be a paid app or a free app. Since many Android apps are free with ad support it may be free there and a paid offering on iOS. We will have to wait a couple weeks to see.