DIY Word Clock from old digital photo frame

We reckon this is a mod that could be pretty popular after the holidays, when people wonder what exactly they're going to do with the non-wireless digital photo frames they've been given.  Matt Mets took one look at his and decided it would make a great DIY Word Clock, stepping through slides with the time written out long-hand; a frame that can automatically change the image every sixty seconds would even be able to do all the clock-work for him.

The best laid plans don't necessarily go as expected, however, and Matt had to get around the fact that his digital photo frame doesn't actually have a one-minute frame shift.  Instead he used an Arduino clone wired into the guts of the DPF that triggers the next-image button every minute.

His tutorial includes that code, but of course if you've got a suitably equipped frame you won't have to go to such efforts.  People are already suggesting different ways of displaying the time other than words – we're particularly keen on the idea of lots of different clocks and watches.

[via MAKE]