DIY Wii WeeP 5 Advanced Zapper looks dangerously close to a MP5 gun

If you think the Wii Zapper looks too ordinary, not particular appealing for a serious shootout on your Wii console. Try this MP5 mod-gun for size. Frustrating with lack of Wii remote pistol selection and poor ergonomic design of the Zapper, serious Wii gamer put together a shooting remote looks dangerously close to a real MP5 gun with the full-feature of a Wii remote.

The WeeP 5 Advanced Zapper, according to the owner, has a LED lighting inside the muzzle; the remote when triggers, can blink and buzz like most remote gun does. It took him 3 days to complete the project, that included soldering, rewiring and putting parts and pieces from a Wii remote to the toy gun brought online.

The fun part about a DIY remote were the custom buttons, you could place the buttons where you would have wanted to improve the gaming experience. Want a similar Wii Zapper? you can manufacture one with a full guideline of WeeP 5 Advanced Zapper here.