DIY - Water Balloon Siege Machine

Summer is nearly upon us, which means that we need to find creative ways to stay cool. Here's a great way to cool someone else off from over 100 yards away.

100 yards away, that's pretty far to cool someone off. How would you do it? Fling a water balloon at them of course. With this Siege Weapon, you can hold off an entire army of your friends, so long as they are terrified of water and don't bother to actually run toward you.

I can't really think of any practical uses for this, unless you build two and go at it with your friends. I can however imagine the fun you could have launching water balloons onto unsuspecting people. That's a long way away, it's bound to take people a little while to figure out where they are coming from.

Make a Balloon Flinging Siege Weapon – Make: Video Podcast [via make]