DIY Transformer Robot [Video]

As awesome robot projects go, this DIY transforming 'bot takes some beating.  Apparently created for a robotics class by "Kevmag 2000", the roughly 12-inch high robot can go from a motorized truck to an upright, walking 'bot in seconds.Video after the cut

It can also right itself should it be toppled over (either accidentally or on purpose), flipping its legs around until it's lying on its front and then pushing itself up with its arms.  Those arms flip around and backward to move out of the way while in truck mode.

We're guessing that the robot is at least partially controlled via the laptop you can also see on the table.  We'd love to know more about the robot and what went into making it, so if you know of any links to a build-log or similar, leave them in the comments.

[via MAKE]