DIY ring flash is cheap and ugly

If you like to shoot pics with your digital camera and have wished before that you had a ring flash, but your budget can't support a normal ring flash this is the DIY project for you. A geek has taken fiber optic fibers and built his own ring flash.

To make the ring flash the builder took a set of fiber optic cables that had been melted together into 150 small bundles. He glued those fibers to an acrylic ring that he made somehow. The fiber optic strands are kept together using wire ties and what appears to be some sort of paper adapter holds the fiber optic bundles to the pop-up flash on the digital camera.

The finished result is not good looking, but apparently it works and that is what the dude was after. The builder doesn't offer instruction on how he made the ring or where he got the parts. It's an interesting DIY project though.

[via HackADay]