DIY Return of the Jedi Lightsaber makes you a real Jedi

We all know that the sign that your Jedi training is complete is when you are able to build your own lightsaber. That means that Bradley Lewis has to be a Jedi now that he has built an awesome DIY lightsaber using aluminum and copious amounts of geeky elbow grease.

The handle of the saber is cool enough on its own with its custom machining, but it also has a blade that can be attached and glows green when the switch is thrown. I wish I had the skill to build something like this, that thing is so cool.

You can check out the build process photos in the gallery below and see the thing in action in a video as well. This guy should sell these things to the geeks lusting after his work. Of course then George Lucas would sue him into oblivion.

Slothfurnace via Make