DIY punchable controller for classic NES gaming

Sometimes it's just nice to punch something, and since we in no way advocate attacking people in the street dressed as hotdogs handing out leaflets, why not punch a big DIY gaming controller instead.  Over at Instructables there's a great guide to making your own squishy impact-sensitive controller, used with classic title Punch Out on the NES.Video demo after the cut

DIY impact pads – made from wires, foam, metallic tape and cardboard – were hooked up to a cracked-open control pad, and then placed inside a foam punch-bag.  An Arduino is used to give feedback when your own character gets hit, recognizing the distinctive pink color that the sprite flashes and triggering an LED indicator. 

Future incarnations of the game will replace that LED with a strobe, hopefully disorienting you in a similar (though less bloody) way to being punched.  Three of the impact pads are on the floor, to control dodging.

[via Hack a Day]