DIY Plant Twitter Kit helps your plant, well, twitter

When I first saw this DIY Plant Twitter Kit I thought to myself, "No way. That's just ridiculous!" But then I read up on it and, you know, it's actually pretty ingenious. When you're on the go, it might be hard to remember when you need to water your plants. This gadget helps you remember.

So since Twitter is super popular and everyone seems to be using it, why can't your plant do it? I mean, your Xbox can blog! But now your plants can Twitter as well. With the DIY Plant Twitter Kit, you can set up your plant so that it will let you know what it needs watering.

The kit costs $100 and is pretty simple to assemble. Once put together, all you have to do is place it in the soil of your potted plant. Then, plug in an ethernet cord to the jack that's built into the device. Then you set up a Twitter account and your plant will twitter and let you know when it needs watering, when it's been overwatered and more.