DIY Pixel Qi display launches

Shane McGlaun - Jul 1, 2010
DIY Pixel Qi display launches

DIY types often take the components that are in the gadgets we know and love and use them for items that we never dreamed of. Tearing up gadgets for the components inside can be an expensive proposition though. If you are the DIY sort and have been lusting after one of those Pixel Qi displays, a new DIY version is now available.

The DIY version of the screen will fit many 10.1-inch netbooks on the market as a DIY replacement for broken screens. The big benefit here is that the screens are very viewable in direct sunlight making these ideal for projects that will see lots of outdoors use.

The screen will sell for $275. In addition to being easier to read in direct sunlight, the screen is also as effective and readable indoors as your average LCD. The screen also promises to consume about 80% less power in reflective mode making your project’s batteries last longer.

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