DIY pinball machine uses dual LCDs

When I was a kid, we had an old school arcade pinball machine that my dad picked up somewhere. We played that thing all the time and I remember it has huge and crazy noisy when you played. If you want a pinball machine in your house but you want one that takes up less space than the real thing this DIY machine might be perfect for you.

A geek going by tbarklay has constructed his own digital pinball machine using two LCD monitors, a computer, and an old PC table. The dude even posted the instructions for building your own version on Instructables. I really like the name he gave it – Pintendo.

The geek says you need a PC with at least 1GB of RAM, but 2GB is better. A decent graphics card with dual output capability and a dual-core processor are ideal inside the computer running the show. The software uses dual cores and XP makes the best OS for the thing. The software it runs is Visual Pinball and hyperpin makes it playable. The playing field the dude uses is a 24-inch screen and a 19-inch is used for the back glass. He also rigged up his own buttons for controls.

[via Ubergizmo]