DIY pedal-powered snowplow

We only get snow once every few years in my part of Texas, but in other states, snow is something that you have to deal with on a daily basis. I would hate to have to shovel snow out of my driveway each day before I could back the car out and go about my business. If you had to do that shoveling with a shovel by hand, it would double suck.

Firefly workshop has invented a cool DIY snowplow that is made from some wood and a couple old bikes. I could see this being the only possible use for one of those full size tricycles that I wouldn't call you an idiot for driving. The builder of this plow appears to have cobbled a pair of normal bikes together.

The front of the plow is raised and lowered using a pulley and rope system. The guy uses the plow to push the snow down the drive into a few piles that can then be shoveled off into the yard. The contraption is a good way to get rid of the snow when it's not enough for a show thrower, but too much for removal by hand according to the builder.

Via Make