DIY Odyssey 2 speakers took 800 hours to build

Shane McGlaun - Nov 8, 2010, 6:15 am CDT
DIY Odyssey 2 speakers took 800 hours to build

There are DIY projects that geeks undertake that are my speed like building your own gaming PC. Then there are DIY projects that are entirely different animals with design and build that you need some serious skills to pull off. These sweet Odyssey 2 speakers are one of the latter type of mods that mortal geeks need not try.

The guy who built these speakers patterned the design after some commercially available and very expensive speakers called Odyssey. He dubbed his creation Odyssey 2 and each of the speakers is handmade and took 400 hours each to complete.

You can see the skeleton of the speakers in the pic gallery below to get an idea how ornate these things are on the inside. The speaker cavities are reinforced with polyester fiber to prevent future expansion. The mid and high range speakers were caved from wood in a lathe machine. The pedestals of the speakers are made from concrete with lead pellets inside to prevent vibration.

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