DIY Multitouch Table tutorial

DIY multitouch isn't new – we've featured quite a few home-grown rivals to Microsoft's Surface here on SlashGear – but MaximumPC's tutorial does stand out by virtue of its completeness.  Thanks to having a spare PC and projector to hand, they spent just $350 on making their multitouch table. Video demo after the cut 

They've also used some silicone sealant so as to make a more consistent touch-surface, which is perhaps the first time we've seen that being done on a DIY project. 

Of course, how much you'll pay to run through a project like this yourself depends on how much of the equipment you already have lying around.  The most expensive component is invariably the projector; if you've got that, and a suitable PC to do the number crunching, then you can have your own multitouch setup for a few hundred dollars.