DIY mini dragster is powered by six circular saws

If you have ever built anything from lumber, odds are you have used a circular saw before. The power tools are cool, but they are also a bit scary with the fast blades that can cut through anything including your arm or leg. The natural thing to do with a power tool that could cut your manhood off is use six of them to build a dragster.

A dude named Barry Lee has built his own mini dragster called the Bolt Lightning and uses six circular saws to power the thing. At first glance, you might think circular saws aren't something that would work for motivating a dragster, but Lee says it worked in testing and exceeded expectations.

Lee doesn't say exactly how fast his dragster is, but the little things can hit speeds of 70mph on a 320ft drag strip. The vehicle is being entered into the Power Tool Drag Racing Championship in the UK. The racing event is sponsored by the Five Gadget Show and the Royal Navy.