DIY Medium-Format Camera built from scratch

Nothing like an ambitious project to get the juices flowing, and Peter Johansson has certainly picked a particularly saliva-stimulating one.  He's decided to build his own pro-grade medium-format camera from scratch, and when we say "scratch" we mean literally: he's fashioning the whole casing himself, using cardboard, basic lenses and LEGO.

It's helped by the fact that a medium-format camera of this sort is, in its most basic form, a light-sealed box like an old-fashioned box camera.  That means a reasonably straightforward design, but the tolerances have to be spot-on if it's going to keep extraneous light out.

Right now Peter's camera is around 80-percent complete, including lenses, ground glass and a DIY film holder.  Hopefully he'll release plans once he's done, because I can think of quite a few photography-lovers who'd like to try this themselves.