DIY MacBook Air Sleeve Case

If you are one of the many people who just spent $1700+ on a MacBook Air and are now so broke Ramen Noodles look like a luxury item, then my pal Vincent Nguyen has got something for you. In his new hit video series "How to make something useful from garbage" he'll show you how to make a MacBook Air case out of a FedEx shipping envelope.

I've received a few padded shipping envelopes in my time, and I usually throw them away. Not Vincent, he's been waiting on something like the MacBook Air to break so he could finally capitalize on all those FedEx envelopes he's been storing. Essentially what you do is seal a FedEx envelop, roll up the bottom a bit and tape it in place, cut off the top, lengthways or width ways, I don't think it matters, tape the edges so they don't start tearing, an viola! You've got yourself a padded MacBook Air Sleeve.

If Vincent weren't in hurry headed off to Spain (likely to collect from their huge cache of padded envelopes) he probably could have worked out some better designs, maybe one with a sealable flap that had been stapled on and used Velcro to seal, or, maybe he could have found/made a real manila envelope with bubble wrap padding, the world may never know.