DIY kid camera can survive drops and bumps

My kids like to shoot their own photos of their friends and other stuff. My daughter has one of those Fisher-Price cameras that are designed to survive rough treatment she uses quite a bit. The catch is that the image quality is horrible and she often gets mad because the photos are so dark you can't make out what is going on.

What she needs is a real digital camera that can survive drops. A modder has taken a normal digital camera and created just that using the Sugru material to ruggedize the camera. I have never heard of Sugru before, it's a material that is like modeling clay that won't slump over and is bouncy because it's made from silicone.

The builder took the material, molded it into bands that would protect the camera, yet leave controls accessible, and then gave it to a kid. Apparently, the Sugru material is bouncy enough to keep the camera alive if it is dropped. The builder says that the only tricky part is making the Sugru bands for the camera. Check out the finished product in the video below.

[via Instructables]