DIY Keyboard Pants

Is that a CAPS lock across your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?  The puns may be awful, but Zack Hoeken's keyboard pants are just plain awesome.  Seemingly crafted from an existing fabric keyboard that's been split across the legs, they're both geekily fashionable and fashionably usable.

Well, half of them are.  Unfortunately only one half of the keyboard works – we're assuming the other half was a sacrifice in the cutting process – but, as Zach says, it's still enough to play Tetris on, and how many people reading this can say the same about their own pants?

Is there a market for washable QWERTY trousers for the geek-on-the-go?  Perhaps not, but with them you at least have an excuse for fondling your thighs while on public transport.  Instructions for making your own keyboard pants here.

[via MAKE]