DIY jog wheel controller uses old VCR head

Shane McGlaun - Dec 7, 2010
DIY jog wheel controller uses old VCR head

I haven’t had a VCR in my house in years and years. We have been DVD only for more years than I can remember. If I had a VCR though I would totally be gutting it right now to make this jog wheel controller from one of the heads inside. Some VCRs have four heads in there so one of the old machines will go a long way towards making some cool additions to your computer.

Geeks have used the heads inside the VCR for all sorts of stuff, even some jog wheels I would bet. The big difference here is that the geeks that made this jog wheel did it with style. The finish product looks a bit like steampunk to me.

If you have the time, inclination, and an old VCR sitting around you can make your own. The instructions are over on Instructables and they have some more pics of the thing if you are a member. I think that it would make a pretty cool scroll wheel for those that mouse a lot.

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