DIY ice claws keep you from busting your rear

Shane McGlaun - Jan 13, 2011
DIY ice claws keep you from busting your rear

With almost all of the states in the US under snow this week a lot of ice has come with the snow. I know here in Texas things have been bad, we rarely get snow and a lot of areas are under several inches still. That means a lot of folks have slipped and busted their butt.

If you are the geeky DIY sort that doesn’t care for wiping out on the driveway or the stairs where everyone can see you, you might want to check out these DIY krampons or ice claws as I like to call them. These are the sort of things that climbers wear when they need to go up an icy slope.

The dude made them using a T profile plate that is 2mm thick, 25mm metal screws, and a nylon strap. Basically, you drill into the T profile plate, then put the screws into the holes, and strap them to your feet. If you are uncoordinated, the downside is if you still manage to fall you can now stab yourself as you hit the ground.

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