DIY hoverboard powered by 4 leaf blowers

We are still quite far from a time in which we can enjoy hoverboards as depicted in the movie Back to the Future II, but with more and more creations like the Aero-X hoverbike or the magnet-powered Hendo hoverboard, we are certainly getting closer. But with creations like those costing at least several thousands of dollars, where's the low-tech, do-it-yourself option? Well, now it's here, thanks to Mr. Hoverboard.

Ryan Craven, from Austin, Texas, has built a hoverboard with little more than a piece of plywood, four leaf blowers, and some tape. Craven's creation features the remains of four leaf blowers attached to a skateboard deck, and blowing air into a shower liner skirt with small holes to the force the air downward directly under the board. It's just enough to lift the board, with a grown person on top, up and lose contact with the ground.

As TechCrunch notes, Mr. Hoverboard can't really be controlled or steered, and riders mostly have to go in whatever direction the board floats. Then there's the noise. It's far from inconspicuous with a sound that reminds you of a whoopee cushion, except unending. But still, looking at the video, it sure seems fun to try.

If you've already seen enough and are more than ready to build your own, Craven has been kind enough to share the instructions online. Just don't forget to wear safety gear when riding, as you're surely going to fall many times.

VIA TechCrunch

SOURCE Mr. Hoverboard