DIY G-Force meter

One of the cooler additions to the new Nissan GT-R is its multifunction computer, which among other things can tell you exactly how many G's you're experiencing as you fling it around the Nürburgring.  If you can't quite afford a GT-R, however, and you're still interested in knowing what forces are attempting to rearrange your entrails, PyroElectro have produced a tutorial for a DIY G-Force Meter.  Attaching to your windscreen via suction cups, it uses a simple accelerometer (the same sort of thing that tells your iPhone which way up you're holding it) to work out G-force to two decimal places.

Tutorial author Chris suggests it'll take around seven hours to complete the "medium" difficulty project, so assume some soldering and general electronics understanding is necessary.  The meter also works to measure tilt, which I suppose could be useful outside of the car.  Chris is now looking at how to add sensors tracking inertial movement to the system.

Obviously it goes without saying that you should always be concentrating on the road ahead rather than the read-out on a little LED display. 

[via Hacked Gadgets]