DIY fiber optic star ceiling rocks

When I was a kid, my brother and I climbed up on a ladder and pocked those glowing stars all over the ceiling in the room we shared. We thought we were cool, but inevitably, the sticky good that held them up failed and we often ended up with stars falling on our heads at night. Over at Instructables a guy has offered up instructions on how to turn your ceiling into your own star field, and it looks cool.

The installation seems to be time consuming, but really doesn't appear to be overly difficult. It involves getting your own fiber optic strands, and a Dremel tool. You drill many holes in your ceiling, cram the fiber optics through, and glue the stuff in place.

The install requires you to buy some parts like the illuminator and the fiber optic strands. I will say that the finished product complete with galaxies and other stars looks cool. The stars even twinkle, this might be the coolest ceiling for a kids room ever.