DIY Exploding High-Five Glove makes hand-slapping geeky [Video]

As we all know, high-fiving went out of fashion because it wasn't loud enough; kids experimented with gunpowder and methane gas, but it all proved far too unstable. Happily Eli Skipp has stepped in with her DIY "exploding high-five glove": it doesn't actually explode, just use an Arduino, a force-sensor and a loudspeaker to make explosion noises whenever you high-five someone.Video demo after the cut

In fact, you can replace the explosion sound with anything you like, since it loads a sample from a 2GB memory card. That means you could have it shout "Go Team Victory!" or "Heck Yeah Says I!" if the mood so takes you. There's even some code in there to make sure it doesn't accidentally activate if you make a fist, pat someone on the back or slap the table in a 19-century bar manner. Brilliant stuff.

[via Hack a Day]