DIY Electric off-road skateboard

Some guy put together and instructable on how to make an electric mountain board or whatever those off-road versions of skateboards are called. It's pretty ingenious too taking most of his parts from electric scooters.

The two batteries, motor, motor controller, and thumb throttle are all from an electric scooter, not the same one as some of those parts he ordered off the Internet and others he picked up at a local scooter shop, but none the less from an electric scooter. The board he bought new and from the same place he bought a brake kit for the board.

He used the brake kit for brakes obviously, but he also used it for the hole pattern for the sprocket and to run the wires for the throttle control as the brake kit included a handle and cord that ran from the brakes up to it so the guy just used the handle to mount the throttle and the cloth tubing that came with the brake kit to run the throttle wires up through. It's pretty ingenious if you ask me, he couldn't give us exact speed, range, or battery life numbers, but he said he's ridden it for 45 minutes without having to charge it, he also said he would have made it a bit faster in hindsight, but it's still pretty nice as is.

[via HackADay]