DIY Dreamcast Tablet [Video]

Take the guts of a Sega Dreamcast, fashion an ejecting GD-Drive mechanism and stuff it all into a 15-inch monitor housing, and you may end up with this: the Dreamcast Tablet.  Maker WERD of the Benheck forums also stuffed some batteries in there too, meaning the console is now good for up to 3.5hrs of standalone runtime.Video demo after the cut

If you have access to a bigger screen, you can plug the Dreamcast Tablet in and use it as a normal console.  It'll simultaneously play and recharge, too, meaning it's always ready for your next road-trip. 

The casing is made from acrylic and measures 13.5 x 11 x 2; the front panel of the donor Dell LCD was reused for the front of the Tablet, since it already fit.  A Dell sound bar donated its speakers for use with a 1W amp, though there's also a headphone socket (that mutes the speakers) for private use.

[via Gizmodo]