DIY Doctor Who nesting dolls set perhaps best Christmas gift so far

DIY holiday gifts generally have more thought behind them than store-bought, and we're particularly loving Molly Lewis' homemade present from this festive season. She made a frankly awesome set of Doctor Who nesting dolls, taking in eleven generations of Doctor and a TARDIS to accommodate them.

From the sound of things, the wooden dolls themselves were store-bought and then Lewis hand-painted them herself. William Hartnell is a tiny little nub of a figure, while current Doctor actor Matt Smith is the largest. As with the "real" TARDIS there's plenty of room for them all to fit inside.

If you're tempted to have a go at a Doctor Who nesting doll set yourself, you can either paint over an existing set or pick up a set of blank dolls; they're reasonably inexpensive, it turns out.