DIY Death Star Holiday Tree Ornament

Chris Burns - Nov 30, 2010
DIY Death Star Holiday Tree Ornament

Aww, isn’t that cute? Lego superstar Chris McVeigh (aka powerpig) has created an ornament with which your lego obsession can command the tree galaxy. Unless of course, somewhere on your tree is an x-wing with Luke Skywalker in it. Watch out for that. You can follow all the steps as provided by powerpig through his own site, or check out the list of parts needed to make this battle station and try to figure it out yourself!

If you wish, please feel free to create this masterpiece in honor of our recently departed friend Irvin Kershner, director of the only original Star Wars movie without a Death Star, The Empire Strikes Back. Check out the list of legos you’ll need here, then check out the full instructions over at Chris’ blog Mint in Box. Furthermore, you can purchase other ornaments created by Chris over at Creations for Charity if you do so wish.

[Via Brothers Brick]

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