DIY Centriphone whips iPhone around your head on a string

Possibly the most insane iPhone accessory ever made for the accident-prone is this: the Centriphone. We saw the results of this contraption in action not too long ago – it creates a sort of bullet-time video using the slow-motion capabilities of the iPhone or GoPro camera being flung around in a circle. Super slow motion and movement of the camera create a fantastic result – and one that's now entirely DIY and open source. Today we have the making-of video and instructions.

Back on the 5th of February, we described this project as DIY Bullet Time with your smartphone (and a prayer). We're still not entirely convinced that we're not going to end up tossing our devices over a cliff.

But the draw is too strong! This project is too excellent!

As such, we'll sit back and watch the making-of video too.

It's like a tiny kite with an iPhone attached with a rubber band.

How very simple!

To get the gist of the whole project in a single image, you'll want to look hither:

What's most important here is that everything is connected solidly. Attaching the iPhone with a string instead of a rubber band could result in the iPhone being flung into a pile of rocks – working with overly-thin string for the flinging could result in the same.

While the creator – Nicolas Vuignier – has been convinced by friends to create a market-ready solution, he's also released the plans for the 3D-printed model to GitHub. You can find all open source links via the Centriphone Open repository.

Users are also invited to download the DIY plans – not just 3D printing – to cut a Centriphone out of wood, or something similarly light yet robust.

Again, exercise all caution when attempting to capture a video such as the one you've seen above. SlashGear isn't responsible for your smashed camera, nor is Vuignier. You can do whatever you want in life – it is you who will be accepting the consequences.