DIY Castle Sculptures Are Made From Human Hair

Man is this one gross DIY project. I would never in a million years make it as a barber. Getting other people's hair on me is really gross. I would certainly not make it as an artists who uses other people's hair as a medium for creating. I just couldn't do it. I'm not sure how the artist that made the castle sculptures you see here came to use hair for building blocks.

The artist is Agustina Woodgate and she takes the hair and makes it into little bricks to create the castles you see in the photos here. The two sculptures are from the artists "I Wanted to Be a Princess" collection. The castle made of bricks you see has 3,000 hairballs total. The work is called "Tower" and it stands four feet tall.

The other is called "Sandcastle" and it uses more of a freeform construction. It is intended to look like a sandcastle that is decaying. It's the grossest one to me with all the loose hair at the base. It looks like some sort of royal wedding where hair and not hats are the big odd draw.

[via Inhabitat]