DIY Captain America shield is truly electromagnetic

Today we've seen an awesome project by The Hacksmith, one in which the Captain America electromagnetic metal shield is made real. This shield isn't yet made of Vibranium – since that, you know, doesn't actually exist (as far as we know) – but it does stick REAL nice. This demonstration is not meant to be a DIY for everyone – but it is meant to make you confident in the fact that if you did want to make it, you probably could.

As Mr. Hacksmith explains, instead of using the electromagnets he'd created at home, previously, he decided to go for a more "professional" solution. As such, he's got an electromagnet that's right around the size of Tony Stark's ARC Reactor – the circular version.

"At just 12-volts, this will produce about 120kg of lifting force – and we're planning on running at a much higher voltage, which means it'll be even more powerful."

They end up running two electromagnets at 66-volts each – combined for a sort of arm-band that runs the length of the wearer's forearm. That means they're generating 660kg of lift force.

That's around 3,000 lbs – far more than whoever is running this band will be able to lift. This is going to be all about pulling that Cap shield in, not necessarily lifting things up.

The video you'll see here is a teaser for what's above, but it does show a bit more of the shield being tossed around. Have a peek.