DIY Android Doll and Rovio dog-costume: when geeks get crafty

We're not sure what it is about geeks, sewing kits and the holiday season, but bizarre DIY efforts seem to proliferate at this time of the year.  Over at Recombu they're sharing a stuffed Android doll tutorial, which shows you how to make your very own smartphone desk-stand in the shape of the Android logo, while an enterprising modder over at RoboCommunity has whipped up a dog-costume for his WowWee Rovio.

The Android doll basically involves enlarging the official logo, tracing around it in felt, and then trying to avoid pricking your finger too much as you sew up the edges and squeeze in some stuffing.  It's the ideal gift for someone who just received a new Android handset over the holidays, or perhaps someone you're not especially fond of.

As for the dog costume, that's the handiwork of RoboCommunity forum member quine9, who wanted "something a bit more stealth" in which to dress up his WiFi-enabled robotic webcam.  We're not quite sure how convincing the disguise would be in a line-up with some real dogs, but we doubt there are many burglars who could face down its glowing eyes.

[Thanks Andrew and Robert!]